16 gennaio 2008

Commercial made real: Holy Trinit, Rome

A bunch of men launched a whopping half million balls down the stairs of Holy Trinit on Pincio Hill in Rome. See the video below:

The scenario is very similar to a TV manufacturer commercial, that became a viral video on the Net a couple of years ago: see by yourself.

Before you ask, the soundtrack is "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzales.

The commercial involved 250,000 bouncy balls, so the half million declared by the newspaper seems a bit overrated. Is quite an effect anyway.

05 gennaio 2008

Senselessness from EU

While Sony BMG, after Warner, EMI and Universal, adds another nail to DRM coffin, Viviane Reading issued a report sanctioning a "transparent" DRM framework for the EU.

From my Boingboing comment:

Although as an Italian I am used to be ashamed of government, sometime I am ashamed of government as an EU citizen too.

I hope you all will act now and sign the Open Letter, as I have just done.

Please sign the Open Letter, and spread the word. Let not be ineptly shameful.

Letter to Viviane Reding, European Union commissioner for information society and media |

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03 gennaio 2008

The most (im)probable future job yet: wanker.

Yes, not banker. Turns out the best motion source for pharmacologic nanobots is ATP-powered sperm flagellum. If this is true, given sufficient outcome from nanotechnologies, will result in a higher sperm demand for drugs prep.

You will be paid to jerk off. If you are reading this and you are at work, maybe you are already paid for that. :-)

Slashdot | Sperm Could Power Nanobots

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