20 agosto 2008

Alignment motivational posters

First, came motivational posters, with sad middle management putting them all over the office.
Second, came, with some kick-ass series of (un)motivational posters. (Read them, they are far more mind-tickling than your usual MP).
Finally, came the rest of the world, with fake motivational poster about almost everything. After the jump you'll find some poster modeled on roleplaying games alignements. Lovely. » Blog Archive » From The Slushpile

01 agosto 2008

Remembering eclipses

Tomorrow a total eclipse of Sun will be visible from Canada to China. I just put my story about the 1999 eclipse I saw in Salzburg as a comment on Boingboing.

I was longing for this eclipse since twenty years. I remember I was roughly nine, reading on a book the Total Eclipses agenda.

1981 Siberia, 1999 Austria.

I thought it was impractical for a 10 years old boy travel toward Siberia to see the nearest one. So I asked to my parents: "May I go in Austria during 1999?" - "Of course you can: you will be 29, and you will decide by yourself whether you should go or not."

Back then I didn't understood this anticipation, but I haven't miss my rendez-vous with the eclipse.