29 novembre 2007

Scroogled in italian

I just published the italian translation of "Scroogled", by Cory Doctorow, who kindly linked my page to his site. As usual, my italian translation is strictly for zero-english-knowledge people. If you can, you should read the original work.

Cory Doctorow’s » Stories

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03 novembre 2007

7zip pwns Zipgenius

Free compression software:

I used to be a ZipGenius fan, for its reliability, stability, for wide range of filetype supported, and last but not least, because is Italian software.

I adopted 7zip after the weekly antivirus scan showed a possible threat in the ZipGenius folder, and I totally uninstalled ZipGenius: 7zip is even more reliable, more stable, supports more compression formats than you'll ever use, and last but not least, is open source.

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