03 novembre 2007

7zip pwns Zipgenius

Free compression software:

I used to be a ZipGenius fan, for its reliability, stability, for wide range of filetype supported, and last but not least, because is Italian software.

I adopted 7zip after the weekly antivirus scan showed a possible threat in the ZipGenius folder, and I totally uninstalled ZipGenius: 7zip is even more reliable, more stable, supports more compression formats than you'll ever use, and last but not least, is open source.

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4 commenti:

amatullo ha detto...

Thanks for the precious suggestion, in fact with 7ZIP I have resolved the reliability problems that ZIPGENIUS gave to me.

Decio Biavati ha detto...

You welcome ...and I'm glad you started a blog. :-)

Matteo Riso ha detto...

The antivirus threat shown by your AV software in ZipGenius folder is a FALSE ALARM. Your AV scanner has probably detected that some ZipGenius binary files are UPX-compressed and that cause the heurystic system of your AV scanner to fire an alarm.
ZipGenius is 100% virus free.

Decio Biavati ha detto...

Hi Matteo,
thanks for your explicative note regarding the AV issue with your program.

Again, in ZipGenius I don't like very much the use of temporary directory to uncompress files. They usually are located in the user Documents folder: this could cause a free disk space problem.

I haven't found a way to modify the temp directory path, so every time I uncompress a 6GB file I have to cope with the "Insufficient disk space" message (yes, I have less than 6GB free on my C: drive).

Nevertheless ZipGenius is a great tool, and I like it very much.

Thanks for stopping by.