17 ottobre 2007

Definitely: I want one

Today ASUS announced the long-waited ultraportable EEE notebook.

Here you will find the specs: ASUS | Eee PC
Here you will find pricing info: 華碩 Eee PC 正式上市 - Engadget 癮科技

The most attractive feature being the price. If you look for the best mobility device, you can't choose a 20'' laptop, because isn't mobility.
You can't choose a smartphone either, keybord too small and display too small.

The best device would be a TX series Sony Vaio, but the price tag isn't just too high: it prevents people to buy it because if you have a Vaio TX you have to take it everywhere with you. But then, your chances to have it lost or stolen are higher and higher.

If you, like me, could afford to buy a laptop so expensive, but you can't afford (or you just can't bear) to lose a 3000 US$ gadget, you will not buy a Vaio.

The price tag of the most expensive EEE should be less than 300 EUR. I want one.

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