16 marzo 2008

tIpNo: Digestive

Following a suggestion posted by anonymous, I tried eventually Nutella on Digestive.

Get a Digestive pack, the first in my life (but not the least, I hope).

Hold firmly a biscuit. You will be tempted to gnaw it. I resisted the urge for scientifical sake :-)

Get Nutella. The more, the better. Here we have a family-size one.

Spread Nutella on biscuit. As you can see, I never limit myself to the stoichometric quantitative.

Yes: have it. The firm structure of the Digestive becomes brittle when hits your tongue, unleashing a Nutella tornado with a crisp cereal note. Actually I think it's one of the best way to taste Nutella. Not to mention the biscuit itself is a masterpiece. After the jump you will find the Digestive entry on Wikipedia.

Digestive biscuit - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

11 marzo 2008

About surveillance

The linked article from Bruce Schneier demonstrates that sharing personal information between two people is not a fair trade, because gives the more powerful even more power on the weaker.

Someone, in Italy, is thinking about a law to avoid wiretapping: I hope this law will be equally applied to everyone. Besides, it doesn't satisfies the Ten Immutable Laws of Security, so is flawed since its birth.

Bruce Schneier's Security Matters: The Myth of the 'Transparent Society'

01 marzo 2008

Censorship: what?

Read from Slashdot, through il Corriere: the Mayor of Florence sued Wikipedia about a (possible) defamation, about which I care not at all.

This allows to demonstrate once more how censorship on Internet is useless; in the worst case, attracts unwanted attention on the news you are trying to erase. Actually, the questionable phrase has been removed from the page (2008-03-01 17:31 CET), but due to the structure of Wikipedia, the old one is visible here. Or if you prefer, here is the cached Google version.

Besides, someone tagged a version of the Domenici english page on WP as "LGBT people from Italy", where LGBT is "Lesbo Gay Bisexual Transgender". The tag has been already removed.