08 febbraio 2008

Dogfather wallpaper

My genius friend (and former colleague) Marco sent me a wallpaper both visually awesome and funny. He granted me permission to post it here. You can download the wallpaper after the jump.

1600 x 1200
1280 x 1024
1024 x 768
800 x 600

1680 x 1050
1280 x 800

Note to self: a black-themed wallpaper stuns your coworkers and helps you keeping clean your desktop.

04 febbraio 2008

Senselessness from EU, part II

EU just banned patio heaters, thus expecting to diminish of a whopping 0,016 % the CO2 production, as demonstrated by numbers in the linked article.

I am waiting (breathless: otherwise I would emit CO2) for a more *substantial* measure.

EU to ban the patio heaters that ate the planet. Not. | The Register

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