17 ottobre 2007

Definitely: I want one

Today ASUS announced the long-waited ultraportable EEE notebook.

Here you will find the specs: ASUS | Eee PC
Here you will find pricing info: 華碩 Eee PC 正式上市 - Engadget 癮科技

The most attractive feature being the price. If you look for the best mobility device, you can't choose a 20'' laptop, because isn't mobility.
You can't choose a smartphone either, keybord too small and display too small.

The best device would be a TX series Sony Vaio, but the price tag isn't just too high: it prevents people to buy it because if you have a Vaio TX you have to take it everywhere with you. But then, your chances to have it lost or stolen are higher and higher.

If you, like me, could afford to buy a laptop so expensive, but you can't afford (or you just can't bear) to lose a 3000 US$ gadget, you will not buy a Vaio.

The price tag of the most expensive EEE should be less than 300 EUR. I want one.

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12 ottobre 2007

tIpNo: tarallini

Things I put Nutella on: tarallini

- Tarallini availability scarce except in Southern Italy.
- Overall taste: good but not great.

Tarallini have a strong flavour that covers almost completely Nutella taste.
Long time Nutella fans know she (Nutella) gives her best with unsalty bread.

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tIpNo: banana.

Things I put Nutella on: banana.

- Easy to find components
- Overall taste: very good

The hazelnut flavour of Nutella mix very well with greasy fresh taste of banana.

Post scriptum: this is my first post Nutella related. It isn't the last. If you have suggestion, or experience, of things to spread Nutella on, write me and please send a picture as proof (as Digg readers used to say: "picture or didn't happen".)

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09 ottobre 2007

PC games are boring.

Recently I pointed out with my son that PC games, after you buy them, are almost free, and the gameplay is only time limited. In a video arcade you have rather a money limit, so playing PC games is more fun, because you haven't to worry for your wallet getting lighter.

I saw the first arcade games in 1980, the very first one being a car race (gosh) with a fake steering (but real enough), a gas pedal, and a whoppin' gamut of two gears (L and H)...
Then came Space Invaders, Pacman, Mario in all his flavors, and more, Star Wars with a fighter-like cockpit to immerse you in the game (very futuristic, very LucasArts, but so poorly realistic).

Then came Id Software, and when I saw Doom, running with dos4g in all his glory, I knew I will never ever spend a dime in a video arcade (I was 23). I have a strong dislike for fly simulators (too fake: the thrill in the flight is flying, like alcohol in beer - better drink tap water than alcohol-free beer). I have a strong dislike for adventures too. Adventure games are so time expensive, requiring hours and hours even for little advances - think about the beginning of Grim Fandango.

My interest was therefore captured by RPG-like games (once and for all: you can't have a real RPG playing alone, and when your PC AI will be sufficiently developed, well, you will be not alone anymore...). Diablo and Rainbow 6 helped me to kill some cumbersome hours, then I reached for the top with Deus Ex: Invisible War.

Stunning graphic, a convincing plot, easy to play (no: rifle and flamethrowers sharing the same ammo diminishes obviously your perception of a real story, but keeping account for ten or twelve ammos type is too far from the patience I'd like to put in a game, so why bother? I like to know the plot, feel part of your movie. I hate throwing away hours adjusting my inventory. And again, being short is not a defect, I left undone the first part (Deus Ex) for being too long.

And now, I cannot find a PC game sufficiently great (oxymoron intended) to spend all my three hours per year that I budgeted for PC games. Oblivion, Dungeon Siege II, Neverwinter Nights II are too boring for me. I just hope Deus Ex 3 will be as terrific as his predecessors.

Should I try a console? Should I get out more?

Deus Ex: Invisible War - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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04 ottobre 2007

Things I have done.

Recently I whined about lack of time, wishful to learn Alexander Technique and Japanese language (having the sole purpose to understand lyrics from Miyazaki's Conan Future Boy soundtrack). Thanks to the 'net, part of my wish is already fulfilled: below you will find the original Conan lyrics and the Portuguese translation to help you understand them (although the cited online Dictionary is very useful, too).

Next stop: Alexander Technique.

Ima Chikyuu Ga Mezameru Lyrics

Umi wa aoku nemuri
Daichi ni inochi mebae

Soshite sora ga soshite sora ga
Ashita o yume mite

Hora umarekawatta chikyû ga
Mezame no asa o mukaeru
Oyoge namiketate hashire

Tsuchi o keri
Konna ni chikyû ga suki dakara

Konna ni yoake ga utsukushii kara
Utae koe awase odore kata o kumi

Konna ni chikyû ga suki dakara
Konna ni yoake ga utsukushii kara

Ima Chikyuu Ga Mezameru (tradução) Lyrics

umi wa aoku nemuri
(O mar em soneca azul.)
daichi ni inochi mebae
(A vida renasce pela terra.)

soshite sora ga soshite sora ga
(E no céu, e no céu...)
ashita o yume mite
(...sonhos do amanhã.)

hora umarekawatta chikyû ga
(Olhe! A Terra renascida...)
mezame no asa o mukaeru
(...recebe a manhã.)

oyoge namiketate hashire tsuchi o keri
(Nade contra as ondas. Corra e chute o solo.)
konna ni chikyû ga suki dakara
(Porque você ama tanto a Terra.)
konna ni yoake ga utsukushii kara
(Porque o amanhecer é tão lindo.)

utae koe awase odore kata o kumi
(Coloquem suas vozes juntas e cantem.)
konna ni chikyû ga suki dakara
(Porque você ama tanto a terra.)
konna ni yoake ga utsukushii kara
(Porque o amanhecer é tão lindo.)

Shiawase No Yokan Lyrics

kokoro ga konna ni furueru no wa naze
ryôte ga sora e nobite iku no wa naze
ryôashi ga tsuchi o kette hashiru no wa naze

kokoro wa toareru shiawase no yokan
ryôte wa tsukamu fukura miyuku kibô
ryôashi wa kakete iku haru kara chihei

ikite iru kara
ashita ga aru kara
chikyû ga mawatte iru kara

Shiawase No Yokan (Tradução) Lyrics

Por que é que meu coração treme tanto?
Por que é que eu levanto minhas mãos ao céu?
Por que meus pés chutam o solo e correm assim?

Eu tenho uma premonição de boa sorte em meu coração.
Eu seguro em minhas mãos as esperanças crescentes.
Meus pés caminham em direção do horizonte.

Porque estou vivo!
Porque existe um amanhã!
Porque a Terra gira sem parar!

MIRAI SHOUNEN CONAN Lyrics - Future Boy Conan - Music
Future Boy Conan - X-Y-Z-Cosmonaut's CosmoBlog - by xyzcosmonaut
Online English to Japanese to English Dictionary

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01 ottobre 2007

Kirikou e la sorciere - lyrics

Dans le village l'eau et les hommes
avaient disparu
Le femmes pleuraient et tremblaient
devant la sorcière
Kiriku seul savait ou trouver
notre grand-père
mon ami
nous a redonné la vie

Kiriku n'est pas grand,
mais il est vaillant
Kiriku est petit,
mais c'est mon ami
Kiriku n'est pas grand,
mais il est vaillant
Kiriku est petit,
mais c'est mon ami

Sur la route des flamboyants
Du haut de la case de Karaba
Le fétiches surveillant le village
Kiriku demand purquoi
Karaba est si méchante
mon ami
nous a redonné la vie

R. Kiriku n'est pas grand...

Kiriku est petit,
mais c'est mon ami
Kiriku n'est pas grand,
mais il est vaillant

R. Kiriku n'est pas grand... (ad libitum)