30 aprile 2008

Safari pwnz Firefox!

Firefox have had me. At first it came as the only true alternative to IE. I loved it very much. I installed some useful extension (Forecastfox for the weather, NoScript for security, Scribefire (formerly Performancing) for blogging, and DownThemAll for pr0n): they helped me to enjoy Firefox ever more.

But FF is a memory hog, and is slow, slower than IE? Sure is slower than Safari, today also in Windows flavor, which is pretty safe, pretty usable, and - damn - is definitely fast.

What I am about to miss: FF has a great way to handle rss feed as dropdown menu that is missing in Safari. Neither you can close tabs with the middle mouse button. Nobody's perfect.  

13 aprile 2008

tIpNo: unsalted rice cakes

After reading my nutella posts, a colleague of mine told me about his experience with unsalted rice cakes (well-known for the flatline effect on your taste). He suggested Nutella is good enough to give a sense even to this ailment. Actually, I learned the meaning of "eating cardboard" after the first bite of my first rice cake (w/out nutella).

Needless to say, I have to try it myself.

1. Get a pack of unsalted rice cakes

2. Get a Nutella jar. The more, the better. Here we have a family-size one.

3. Extract a cake from the pack.

4. Spread Nutella on cake. A fairly good amount, please.

5. Have it.

That's true: even the filthiest rice cake becomes very good with the reasonable amount of Nutella; and dietetically, due to the EPS structure, the rice cakes have very few calories. (Thank you, MArco!)

09 aprile 2008

Divided we fall

Q: What if you need a kidney transplant but your available donors are incompatible with you?
A: You find other people with the same problem, and exchange your donor with another, until you find one suitable for you.

From the article:
Five patients had a willing donor whose kidney was incompatible with theirs, but it did match another in the group.
[...]an altruistic donor - neither a friend nor relative of any of the six patients - was found to match one of them.
[...]suddenly, there were six people who could receive an organ.

This is civilization.

BBC NEWS | Health | 'Six-way' kidney transplant first