13 aprile 2008

tIpNo: unsalted rice cakes

After reading my nutella posts, a colleague of mine told me about his experience with unsalted rice cakes (well-known for the flatline effect on your taste). He suggested Nutella is good enough to give a sense even to this ailment. Actually, I learned the meaning of "eating cardboard" after the first bite of my first rice cake (w/out nutella).

Needless to say, I have to try it myself.

1. Get a pack of unsalted rice cakes

2. Get a Nutella jar. The more, the better. Here we have a family-size one.

3. Extract a cake from the pack.

4. Spread Nutella on cake. A fairly good amount, please.

5. Have it.

That's true: even the filthiest rice cake becomes very good with the reasonable amount of Nutella; and dietetically, due to the EPS structure, the rice cakes have very few calories. (Thank you, MArco!)

2 commenti:

Marco ha detto...

Yes Decio, even the filthiest rice cake becomes very good with a "very reasonable" amount of Nutella;
but remember to chew very slowly, so, after the rice cake has been cut in small pieces by your teeth, your tongue will mix the pieces of rice with the marvelous nutella, making them more pleasant and the typical taste of polystyrene will desappear.

That's all

Decio Biavati ha detto...

Hi Marco,
I have some rice cake left... I just have to try once more before going sleeping... :-)

Thank you for your suggestion and for stopping by.