24 febbraio 2007

Iron(ing) man

Is nice sometime engage in activities unpracticed for years: it's similar to meet a distant friend. Yesterday I performed a Strawinsky Mass which I haven't sung since 1991. Today I have done some ironing (roughly 30 years since last time).

After 2 minutes: I wish my housemaid was here.

After 4 minutes: housemaid? Maybe I should refer her as my "Domestic Advisor".

After 6 minutes: in a shirt, just the front, neck and wrists are important.

After 8 minutes: in a shirt, just the front, neck and wrists are important.

After 10 minutes: in a shirt, just the front, neck and wrists are is important.

...f****ing shirt.

Beware cotton stretch: wonderful to wear, horrible to iron.

The Genuine - Ironing a Shirt

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14 febbraio 2007

Why you should be learning German language.

German is an agglutinative language. For example, Perlentränentröpfchen means "teardrops like pearls" (english also is somewhat an agglutinative language indeed). Torschlusspanik is "panic caused by closing doors"; used mainly to describe the situation of a childless aging woman searching for an heir, could be applied to everyone who feels like losing opportunities year after year.

No surprise German generated so much poetry.

Agglutinative language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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12 febbraio 2007

Why you should buy a Nikon camera.

Twenty days ago, my Nikon Coolpix S3 was ill. The sturdy camera survived several falls and lived through the less-then-respectful-for-technology hand of my wife. Suddenly (and unrelated to what happened in its brief live) didn't read or write SD card anymore. Nada. Nothing. Kaputt. I tried reading some useless newsgroup in which the most intelligent post was "Do you have formatted your card?".

Yes, thanks, I formatted it using the camera (unbelievebly formatting worked, but no read/write again), using a card reader from my Mac, from my PC. With the first snapshot, it tried to write down to card, but not to avail.

Fortunately, a kindly photo store in the city I live (see image) took my camera and gave it me back (repaired!) after just 2 weeks, without charge, althought I wasn't able to show my buying proof. I suspect Nikon have a free repair policy for all products within two years of life (according to EU warranty laws), at least in Europe. This is why my next camera will be a Nikon.

Nikon Global Gateway

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Yesterday I tried successfully the linked recipe by Mr. Grasshopper (italian): baked tuna is wonderful, even if a little difficult for my stomach to process. A chardonnay from Calabria helped me to keep untouched my rep.

But the point is: why I have a preference for bloggers recipes? The answer is easy: in case of failure, I have someone to blame (literally: send someone to wanking - mandarlo a fare le pugnette).

Good work, Mr. G.

Mr.Grasshopper: Tonno al forno con patate

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07 febbraio 2007

So it goes

Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden,

so scheide nicht von mir;

wenn ich den Tod soll leiden,

so tritt du dann herfür;

wenn mir am allerbängsten

wird um das Herze sein,

so reiß mich aus den Ängsten

kraft deiner Angst und Pein.

Wenn ich einmal soll scheiden

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