12 febbraio 2007

Why you should buy a Nikon camera.

Twenty days ago, my Nikon Coolpix S3 was ill. The sturdy camera survived several falls and lived through the less-then-respectful-for-technology hand of my wife. Suddenly (and unrelated to what happened in its brief live) didn't read or write SD card anymore. Nada. Nothing. Kaputt. I tried reading some useless newsgroup in which the most intelligent post was "Do you have formatted your card?".

Yes, thanks, I formatted it using the camera (unbelievebly formatting worked, but no read/write again), using a card reader from my Mac, from my PC. With the first snapshot, it tried to write down to card, but not to avail.

Fortunately, a kindly photo store in the city I live (see image) took my camera and gave it me back (repaired!) after just 2 weeks, without charge, althought I wasn't able to show my buying proof. I suspect Nikon have a free repair policy for all products within two years of life (according to EU warranty laws), at least in Europe. This is why my next camera will be a Nikon.

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