18 marzo 2006

BBspot - Which File Extension Are You?

BBspot - Which File Extension Are You?

I just take the test as soon as I saw it in Adi Oltean's Blog.
Here the results (no cheats):

You are Red Hat Linux. You're tops among your peers, but still get no respect from them.  It's all right with you.  You have your sights set higher.
Which OS are You?

You are .rpm  You have a nice package.  You can be useful, but your many variations sometimes make you tough to find.  You aren't apt to get jealous.
Which File Extension are You?

Nothing to be proud. At least my file extension match with my OS...

By the way, I am using Mac OS X and Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux, 60/25/15 home and 1/98/1 work as relative percentages.


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