23 settembre 2006

Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.

An excerpt from a christian prayer: "Gloria in excelsis Deo". The leitmotiv of personal productivity is "Effort doesn't count. Just results."

I can't agree. Efforts count regardless of results: you can obtain peace on earth by mean of your good will. And this is quite a result (no pun intended).

P.S.: In the english version of the "Gloria", they lost the meaning of this verse: "Peace to His people on earth" is less... ecumenic than "on earth peace to men of good will".

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2 commenti:

Decio Biavati ha detto...

Update: in the draft translation proposed by ICEL 2007, "et in terra..." becomes "and on earth peace to people of good will.", giving back to the verse the original meaning.

Maybe they heard my suggestion?

timo888 ha detto...

Yes, peace on earth to men/people of good will.

Peace is wished for the honorable souls whose intentions are good.

Ecumenism. Does it encompass all, or only those who desire to be encompassed?

Do those of good will have an obligation to change the minds of those whose intentions are not good?

They whose intentions are good can serve as EXAMPLES. There's no need for them to proselytize.

Hence, ecumenism is the bond formed among those whose intentions are good.

Let them be examples to all.