13 ottobre 2006

School for Parents

Hi, yesterday I returned to school, a sui generis school, "for parents". Teacher (storyteller?): prof. P. Crepet, "Relationship parents-children and the extent to communicate". Very interesting and insightful.

A brief summary of the arguments:

  1. The living room is dead (supposed citation from Mario Botta). This is where prof. Crepet mourns the loss of the sofa as aggregation point for the family. Rejoins in heaven with the other aggregation point, the courtyard, the 3rd place, killed by a hanged sign: "Playing is forbidden".

  2. I fulfill myself. A paradox: if a group splits into monads, more resources are needed to support them and the diversity fades away, and if you don't mix in a group you are more prone to your behavioural habits, caused by lack of compensation.

  3. Internet: beware too much information and physical isolation. Worth mentioning your PC cannot hug you. Nor your Mac. Not yet.

  4. Growing is about fighting your frustrations and your fears. Likewise, when a kid goes alone for the first time to the bakery to have a snack, he grows, despite of the parent's fears. When he goes to the snack-o-matic, he doesn't grows, he just become smarter.

  5. Children, learn to do difficult tasks (G. Rodari). Where we learn the three pillars of growth: self-esteem (Am I able to do it?), autonomy (Can I do it by myself?) and creativity (How can i do it?).

  6. The parents should do less for the children. Help them too much prevent them to make mistakes, and to be frustrated, and finally to grow.

Back in 15 days for the second lesson.

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