15 gennaio 2007

Surveillance Cams

Italiano: leggete (o guardatevi) V for Vendetta, poi leggete l'articolo di Punto Informatico del link sottostante.

English: read V for Vendetta, then read below:

Someone is opposing to city cams!

Incredible: successful in UK and in Italy, but their diffusion in the States may be more difficult. Because someone do protest and speaks about crushed rights. Exaggeration from the usual four hot heads. (The beginning is cleary ironic: PI is against every form of censorship).

Roma - New Orleans is one of the cities in the States with the higher number of cam installation across the streets, mainly managed by police. And several other cities have some webcam. But the surveillance cam initiative, a long time established fact in UK and in Italy, clashes with a growing opposition.

As such may be incredible - since surveillance cam diffusion usually is very popular - Electronic Frontier Foundation and ACLU decided to battle against the surveillance across some San Francisco blocks.

Both associations, two of the most important civil rights' defense associations in the States, oppose to a project, as stated by San Francisco Chronicle, which is based on installation of 25 new surveillance cams in the residential blocks of the city, during the next 18 months. Every one of those cams will cost something between $ 4000 and 7000, and in the major's opinion, cams will be a deterrent against crime and against drug dealers. Meanwhile, they will provide and important monitoring service to increase people security.

EFF, ACLU, and National Lawyers Guild are trying to build up protests from citizens against the installations. The net grapevine gives some hope: Indymedia San Francisco publish a petition to gather people for the next wednesday meeting with the city authorities, and explains clearly why this kind of surveillance cams are dangerous:

"Video surveillance poses a significant threat to privacy and free speech by allowing the government to track what you are doing and where you are going. Surveillance cameras also impact free speech by chilling protected political and religious expression. The prospect of government surveillance may deter individuals expressing unpopular views from attending demonstrations and speaking out on controversial issues."

Back in 2003, the former italian authority for the privacy, Stefano Rodotà, affirmed with the usual precision: "This unstoppable publication of private spaces, this perennial exposition to unknown and undesidered eyes, actually change individual and social behavior. To be aware of the control causes people to behave less spontaneously and reduces freedom."

"Shrinking control-free spaces one may be forced to remain at home, defending ferociously this last private space, even if more and more unprotected from surveillance techniques more efficient every day. But if liberty and spontaneity will be coherced in our private spaces, we will consider far and hostile everything exists in the outer world. This may be father to new conflicts, and therefore a radically and permanent insecurity, which in facts destroys the stronger argument in favor of surveillance, whose primary end is to produce security".

PI: Qualcuno si oppone alle cam in città!

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