14 maggio 2007

Why I will buy a Widescreen monitor.

It's time to buy new monitor(s). Currently I am using two 17'' CRT (one for WinXp and one for Ubuntu), and an astonishing beautiful 20'' wide LCD on my iMac G5. No surprise, usually I work on the iMac. But is time to put into retirement the CRTs.

So I am searching for a 19'' or 20'' LCD monitor, with fast refresh time (less than 8 ms, the faster the better), possibly with Pivot function (which allows to use the monitor in portrait mode).

The pivot function, otherwise useless, is intended to display an A4 paper sheet on screen as big as possible. The best of the pivot monitor is using them with musical notation software (Finale, for example). When you read a full score composed by 20 staves, use the portrait mode could really make the difference.

Ok, you could buy a 30'' LCD and use it in landscape mode to display *two* pages on the screen, but this solution is exceeding my budget.

Finally, I have to choose between 4:3 and 16:10 (normal or wide). Well, my intention is display a full screen A4 sheet. If you display a 297 x 210 mm sheet (the ratio in equal to square root of 2, very roughly 1.4, on a 4:3 monitor (ratio 1.3*) in portrait mode, you will have two resulting vertical bars on both sides of the visible area. Conversely, if you display the same sheet on a widescreen monitor (e.g. 1680 x 1050, with a ratio equal to 1,6**), the resulting bars will be horizontal, where the mainstream OSes (Windows of all kind, Mac OS X, and the most Linux flavors, including Ubuntu, the one I use) find menu, quick launch, info, task bars.

This is why I will buy a widescreen monitor, but here you will find more details.

* And, BTW, periodical numbers have always turned me mad.

** This time is exactly 1,6 or to use a more familiar language 16:10

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