21 settembre 2007

Happens in Italy

A former Transport Minister was caught last sunday driving against the traffic on a freeway. Actually, in Italy neither freeways are *free*, so WTF?
There comes a cop: the Driver shows an ID Card (expired) proving he is a Parliament Member. And [therefore] he isn't fined.

There are two kind of people, those who believe police is here to protect, and those who believe police is here to vex. I am definitely in the first group, but this news give the police a bad name, leaving an overall sense of unfairness.

Next: former Health Minister smoking dope - stay tuned.

Burlando contromano in autostrada "Sono deputato", niente multa - cronaca -

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Update: the former Minister asked to be fined to the maximum extent of law: 1 year without drive license, 3 month without his car, a fine of 3.508 EUR for driving against the traffic + 72 EUR for driving w/out drive license.

Ok, maybe he did it to dodge the scandal, but nevertheless is a ginormous step beyond.

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