09 settembre 2007

Noise and plain

Often who is against disco noise says: who haven't a thing to say loves to stay in the noise. I completely agree.

Again: somewhere, maybe in "The Teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui way of Knowledge" by Carlos Castaneda (repeat: maybe), is stated that native americans were quite negative about skyscrapers. They believed white man build them to try and fill the void between earth and sky. But this void can be filled only with what is inside of you.

Likewise, several people I know feels a little nervous when in plain. Sure, such a vastness is likely to pull out what is inside of you; if there are just ugly things, which can you feel shameful or anxious, no surprise you hate plains.

Silence is but a sort auditive flat country: either you feel comfortable in it, or you have something that doesn't work.

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