03 novembre 2006

Gmail mobile on an i-mate SP5m

Hi, as a Gmail enthusiast, I just installed gmail mobile on my smartphone. I followed the instruction on Gmail site, if you don't mention the fact I am in Italy and my provider isn't Verizone nor Cingular, but Vodafone (and I think neither your location would prevent you from installing).

1) Open your browser and point to

2) Click on "download Gmail" (US/Canada). Feel yourself a little northamerican and click.
3) Install the Midlet and start Gmail mobile
4) This is the installation result.

6) Open the fresh installed app: you'll be asked for username and password. Here is the tricky part: you have to click on the username field then click to enter the Real Edit Box, and eventually go write your username. Done, close, and again for the password.

You can find several guide upon gmail mobile. Not just for US/Canada.


3 commenti:

Nenad ha detto...

I had a problem with my V800 I got a “certificate not valid” error. Finally I solved the problem and enjoyed in yet another excellent app from Google. The only problem is that you can use it only for checking GMail account. With another program that I use I watch my other accounts. I will try to think of a reason why should I use Gmail mobile. When I can do all off that on my old app Movamail

Decio Biavati ha detto...

nenad, you're right.

I used to read Gmail from my phone via web browser, therefore Gmail Mobile seems a little... pointless.

But it's fast, AND it's free, differently from movamail (I tried it 30 seconds after your comment: sure it rocks!).

I think the guys from movamail should release two version of their product, a basic (free) and a professional (non-free).


Wow Thinking ha detto...

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