05 novembre 2006


I am testing a web gadget borrowed from Guy's site (definitely worth a visit, althought his logo is too similar to Calvin Klein's. And no, I believe he don't sells underwear). The gadget name is RAZZ, and is a DJ web mixer.

Pick your background, add vocals and effects, publish on web. As easy as a mac.

If nothing goes wrong with embedding in blogger, below you will find the same recording ("Ut queant laxis") done with RAZZ (1st) and with Garageband (2nd).

Make your own Razz!

To create the RAZZ track:
1) Follow site link
2) Record track
3) Register (to save and publish)
4) Get text to embed

To create the Garageband track:
0) Open Garageband
1) New project
2) Add track (male R'n'B)
3) Record track
4) Export in iTunes
5) Save on your website
6) You have to create the embedded object yourself

Ceterum censeo RAZZ is good for fun, otherwise Garageband is better.

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